In a time not so long ago


My wife recently handed me an old digital camera that we used to take with us anywhere we went. That was (of course) a time when the camera and phone were still sold separately, or just not in our budget at the time.

As I downloaded the 600ish pictures onto my desktop, I realized how time has completely flown. I found the above picture of Ty (my 1st) and was floored by how much he has changed, but also how much Cameron (my 3rd) looks like him. The point remains; time has flown. Just like my parents said it was going to, but I was so reluctant to believe them.

I took a moment and remembered how our lives have transitioned from a family of three, now to a family of five. At the same time I tried to visualize and picture what our lives will be like down the road a bit as time continues to fly, despite my efforts to slow it down.

I can’t believe that time has come and gone, but I am looking forward to the future. Though the future is unknown and it may scare me at times, I look forward to see how time brings us closer as a family. Not everything will be easy, nor has it been in the past, but we press on as a family to new places in life.

All of this reminds me that you can’t change yesterday. You can’t count on tomorrow, but you can choose what you do today. Today I choose to embrace the present.