The Route is near

Happy July!

Many of you have asked for more info regarding Strive for Excellence 2014 (Please Donate). We are excited to name a few coffee shops who will be participating as well.

Each coffee shop will become a checkpoint where people can join or exit the route if you would like to join me as I help raise money for Living Waters Christian School. During the coffee shop stop (try to say that 10 times fast), I will be sampling a brew that is roasted by each shop. I will then be rating each cup and making a decision at the end of the Strive ride on which shop has the best Maine brew. Why (you ask)? Because i’m completely addicted to coffee, and these nice shops have agreed to this madness.

So far, I will be stopping in at the following coffee shops.

Day One:

Coffee By Design | Wicked Joe

Day Two:

44 North | Coffee Hound

Day Three:

Bard Coffee


*This is subject to change as we get closer and iron out some more details.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out throughout the duration of the ride, so please email me if you can help out.


More info soon! Like us on Facebook!


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