Strive for Excellence 2014

As many of you know, I teach High School Bible at Living Waters Christian School in Buxton, Maine. Something that Living Waters offers is a sliding scale tuition. That allows students to come who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend.

LWCS is creating a scholarship fund that would offset the costs associated with this.

Raising funds for this became a priority of mine.

So, there I was, one rainy day during vacation, and I had an idea as I found myself reading a Downeast Magazine that featured a story on Maine coffee roasters. I read about the many different roasters right here in our great state. I figured, since I’m addicted to coffee and cycling, I would turn a fundraising ride into a chance to explore Maine and taste a bunch of Maine roasted coffee. I’ve lived in Maine all my life, but quickly realized that I’ve probably seen less than 10% of the state I’ve lived in all of my life. And since I truly believe in LWCS, I thought this would be a great way to try to raise money and make this an annual ride.

I emailed a bunch of Maine coffee roasters and received confirmation that 9 roasters are interested in being part of the fundraiser. Many are helping me raise funds while they all have agreed to have me come in and try their choice cup o Joe as I rate each roaster and vote on what I think is Maine’s greatest coffee roaster. They’ve also given us permission to shoot video at each stop that will be a part of a small documentary of the cause, ride, and coffee tasting.

We put details together, but then we needed a catchy name and a cool logo. After many different choices, we decided on Strive for Excellence 2014. Since “striving for excellence” is an emphasis at Living Waters, I thought it was appropriate that we use that.

As a name was born, a logo was created. My good friend, Ben McDorr, who is always so creative, made the logo, and we became even more excited to push the fundraiser.


We are very excited to do the ride this year, and many of my cyclist friends are wondering how they can get in on some or all of the ride.

We will be using each coffee shop as a checkpoint for cyclists either to join or exit the ride. If there are cyclists that would like to do the entire ride, we just ask that you would be responsible for your own food, money, water, and lodging. And, when I say lodging, I mean camping (roughing it). We will have a team car with some supplies and a videographer/photographer, but we can’t make promises that we will have room after we load up the back seat with our Skratch Labs rice cakes.

More specifics will be available soon as we get details nailed down, but we do have our 9 Maine coffee roaster and our route. Because we’re hitting 9 roasters a day, that gives us three stops a day.

For cyclists who want to join in for part or all of the ride, we’re asking that you pay or raise pledges of (at least) $.50/mile. If you register to do 100 miles or more, we will set you up with a fundraising page on our website.

Our route will take us over of 415 miles in three days. We will be leaving LWCS (Buxton) on Friday at 10:00am and getting back Sunday evening. While the route is subject to change, you can see the desired route below.

Maine Cycling

2014 Strive Route


For more information and to receive updates, please visit and like the Facebook page.

I thank you in advance for the support!





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